The Journey has begun…

Brett and I have always enjoyed the vintage style and craftsmanship of things. You might be able to direct that back to our childhoods of growing up on farms and ranches and the neat things that you are surrounded with but never really appreciate until adulthood.


Like this awesome butter churn that sits on my sisters dining room table check out a similar one here. It used to be my Grandma’s. My Dad and his 6 siblings sat around on Sunday evenings and this is what they did, they took their turn churning butter for the week.

Whatever the reason, Brett and I love to go antique shopping and love anything with charm and character. This trunk we bought from an estate sale 8 years ago (before stuff like this was even cool to have) for $25!


It is one of our most loved things in our house… besides the kids of course.
We also REALLY love to camp. I mean REALLY LOVE IT! I mean Brett proposed to me… in the mountains… with the ring hidden in a dutch oven, kinda love it. 

August 2007

While dating and before kids came into the mix we used to keep our camping gear loaded in our car all week so that after work on Fridays we could bust up the canyon and find us a quaint little spot in the mountains to spend a couple days. We joke all the time how we would rather camp than live in a house! And when we camped, we primitive tent camped 99% of the time.

After kid #1 we still continued to camp our same style. We found ways to make it work and baby girl was a dream while camping, especially at night! She could sleep anywhere. So life went on. Well then a few years later when baby #2 came along…. that was another story. He still did fine, but was a little more finicky of a baby and had a strong opinion about things, especially his sleep.

This was our set up with a 4yr old and a 5 month old. A perfect setup; however, the nights were cold and unpleasant with a screaming baby who doesn’t co-sleep. You can see the bundled nugget in the middle.



We continued to tent it and it was still fun, just not as relaxing as the days spent just lying in the hammock all day listening to the river run by. The preparations and the amount of “stuff” and the set up once we got there was becoming all too much; not to mention the take down and the clean up once we got home. We joked about how nice it would be to have a camper that had everything all ready to go inside of it (like our jeep back in the day) and we could just hop in and take off.

We started looking at different setups for our family camping trips, then saw a few Vintage Camper Restorations and fell in love with the concept. I found myself falling asleep to images of old campers and all the fun that you could have in making each one so different and individualized. We would send each other articles and pictures and hints everyday, but never really taking any action on the dream.

Because of the fact that I love tenting so much I swore I would never need a camper. Until… this one day we came across, Her…


I was out of town with the kids trying to get our old house sold and Brett was bachelor-ing it up at home because he had to work. I saw a post on FB of someone selling a 1968 DeVille Camp Trailer for $400! It was one of those moments where your heart skips beats, your hands start to shake and your mouth starts to water (kinda the same reaction I get when popping open an icy cold Dr Pepper). So I hurried and sent the post to Brett and I think he had the same knee-jerk reaction because before I knew it he called me to tell me he was in the car on his way to go look at it. As soon as he began to talk to the seller he noticed a few other cars pulling up the drive, so he hung up the phone and basically threw money at the guy! Luckily the guy accepted Brett’s cash offer of $300! $300?! The tires were worth that alone since they were practically new and had very few miles on them!


I had no idea what went down until I got this sent to me in a text. I thought I was the far fetched one to have sent him the listing, thinking my DH would think I’m insane that I want to buy an old decrepit trailer and actually camp in it?! With CHILDREN?!

** It has been a year now since this beaut joined our family. Follow our Vintage Journey to see how she looks today and what it took to bring her back to life!**



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