Painting The Exterior

She may be vintage, but this old girl was well cared for most of her life. Her exterior had very few and minor damages like BB gun wounds, a minor bottom corner of the aluminum siding pulling away, a missing bumper and some rust. But despite her flaws she had brand new tires, no broken windows and the white aluminum still had enough luster to be shown off.



We buffed and sanded down the gold paint down to the aluminum using the power drill and a steel brush head attachment and some steel wool.

We made sure to tape off and cover all surfaces that we were not planning on painting. Canned Spray paint is the worst in leaving behind overspray. You can find these huge rolls of plastic at Walmart or any home improvement store in the paint aisle that is really inexpensive and worth the effort. Newspaper works great in covering the windows too.

2015-08-05 09.46.43

We gave her some new life with Valspar’s Outdoor Spray. The color is Koi Pond. Doesn’t that just scream peace and tranquility?!


Because we were new to this whole experience and we didn’t have a paint sprayer yet,we chose to use a spray paint. You DO NOT want to use an oil based, or roll on paint! You want your paint to withstand all the elements.

This is an outdoor paint that is weather, sun and rust resistant. It has held up extremely well through our off-roading-back-woods camping in all types of weather. So I would recommend this paint again. However, now that we have lived and learned, with this camper being our guinea pig, we will be using something a little more durable next time around. Like a tractor or auto paint. Especially now that I have a new best friend!


Her tires were brand new, but to really give her that original vintage look and because we had to flip the axel to lower the body back down to its original height; we decided to paint the wheel rims while the tires were off. We ordered us some baby moons to restore her original personality off of ebay for about $50.


If your looking for a quick and easy way to paint tire rims without having to remove the tire from the rim… all it takes is a deck of cards from the dollar store!

This is not the camper tire, but our Jeep Wranglers. We found this trick out after we had the camper finished… of course.

Though Tilly’s badonkadonk was modest and boxy, she was firm and in shape. Just needed a little more flair to her style.

Her tail feathers, I mean taillights worked perfectly; but we chose to replace the bulbs with LED ones. We also gave her license plate mount a fresh coat of paint. We followed the original paint lines and that is why there is no blue on the back. I kinda wish we would have added some but I also like keeping things original.


After many years of the elements Tilly’s once flashy tramp-stamp was faded and peeling. So we tore it off and made a new one.


We found the original logo in the original owners manuals that were inside the camper and Tiara (and her mad illustrator skills) drew a new one, then ordered a vinyl logo to be printed.



This was only some of the paint that we used along the way! We are only missing about 10 more cans. I don’t have a problem…. I don’t! (hehe)


One thought on “Painting The Exterior

  1. She is looking great!! Can’t wait to see her finished! Love your other trailer! Grandma Naretta told me you were taking on this project–I’m glad I was invited along for the ride! 😎

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