Whitewash That Blonde

No I’m not talking about my hair, though some of you wish I would come out and say that my hair is not natural (because of the insistent comments I get about it being so unbelievably white), but that will have to be another day. Who knows, if we do many more of these campers while I’m in school, with a baby, pulling all nighters… I just might need that hair dye to cover the stress!

Now that life is thinking about slowing down for a nanosecond or two, we are finally getting around to sharing our crazy adventures of our first Vintage Camper Reno. This post you’ll experience the difference that a little paint can do.

Let’s be real here, this blonde laminate wall paneling was in great shape throughout the trailer for an exception of a couple small corners. But I wasn’t diggin’ it’s dreary vibe. I felt there was no way to keep it original and still make the trailer look newly renovated. It was just so bland.


So we took off all the doors and cabinetry and taped off all the necessary edges. We did not tape off around the floor because, well, there was no point since we were going to be replacing the floors. But ya know, rusty tire rings and spilled paint do give the floors an added artistic focal point…. maybe we should have left them?!

P.S. Have you noticed the two most exciting things about the picture above yet? Well if you haven’t then I’ll give you some clues along the way! It’ll be like finding Waldo but vintage awesomeness style!


After I took this picture we removed the hardware so that painting would be quicker and so we could give them a fresh new look. You will notice that 90% of our work happened between the hours of 9pm and 4am so that we could work uninterrupted by diaper changes, snacks and band-aids.


Thank heavens for these HUGE rolls of plastic! Not only did they save in clean up time but they saved our vehicles and garage floor. Now I chose to use Valspar’s Signature Paint + Primer because of its reviews on durability and resistance of dirt and smudges and being able to wipe it clean easily.


Now that it has withstood a year of wear and tear and travel and weather; it’s still holding up great. It really adheres to the wood paneling well and I have only come across a couple of chips in the paint. However, dirt and fingerprints have not wiped off like I had hoped they would. This paint could be more of a Primer than a Paint but I think it is more because of the rougher surface of the wood paneling. So I do plan on giving the heavier traffic areas a top coat with an Enamel paint that will give a more sheen smooth surface. So watch for an update on the results!


Our hired help. When your camper is so small, you have to hire workers that will fit inside of it. hehe. She was adorable enough that she got the job!

After 3 coats of the white paint we were no longer stuck in the twilight zone of boringness.


Nothing like fresh white paint! Makes such a huge impact! Not to mention, I basically drooled over the gold we used on the hardware. The color was made for me! I mean if the Tiara fits right?!…


Just look at the difference?!


Can you tell that it was SOOO HOT?! We had to redneck rig the A/C unit in the window!

Drum roll please…… It’s time for Where’s Waldo vintage awesomeness time: Try and find something in the picture above that screams Mid-Century Modern style! I swoon over them!

You know y’all are wondering how much paint we went through in this project. Brace yourself…


This is only about a 1/4 of what we used. Haha We had a regular paint factory running out of our garage. Pretty positive our neighborhood could have gotten a buzz from the fumes that were fogging up our atmosphere.

Whose figured out my favorites of the trailer yet?! You? You? Well they just so happen to be…



These wall file baskets were original to the 1968 Deville and were, you guessed it, GOLD! They just needed a fresh coat and they were ready to go. I love everything about these gems! There were 3 of them so they are what hold coloring books, maps, reservation papers and our religious magazines for a good read.

Number 2 on the favorites list from the original design elements are the legs of the couch. Lame I know, but there is nothing better than a nice pair of legs! Just ask my husband. Carrie Underwood is his leg crush.

I feel like these little elements are what set this VTT apart from others. The DeVille was known to be the Cadillacs of camp trailers back in the day. Not many were made, but the quality of workmanship was made them desirable. It just so happens that 1968 was the last year the DeVille camper was built.


Stay tuned for the countertops, backsplash and appliances update…




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