Our first journey to a rally

What is a Vintage Trailer Rally you ask? Well if a car show and an old camper had a baby this would be its bundle of joy!

We spent the weekend up in Honeyville, Ut at Crystal Hot Springs camping, meeting new hobby friends and showing off our baby Tilly.

20160702_164949Because we use Tilly for real life camping (mostly primitive) all the time; we don’t always get to glam her up besides the stuff that we always have going on inside of her. But this time we got to stage her and let others bask in her beauty.


You all know what the inside looks like by now, but incase you want to look again click here.

The Rally was organized by a group we joined called Tin Can Tourists. We spent our time talking campers with other Tin Can Tourists and getting their advice, expertise and backstories.



We all opened our Tin Cans to the public to let them walk through and drool over our trailers, eating good food and we of course soaked in the Hot Springs pools!


Azure welcomed everyone to our trailer with some vintage camper cookies, icy cold “wild” lemonade, which azure came up with all by herself. She is quite the little entrepreneur! She even let me help her make some fun cookies to sell!


If you are looking for some unique adorable cookie cutter shapes then check out The Fussy Pups on Amazon! This is where we scored our Vintage Trailer Cookie cutter!


Small Camper Cookie Cutter

Evan held down the fort with his good looks and charming hospitality. BTW don’t you just love his old man vacation style shirt?! Haha thanks Emily for your adorable hand me downs!

Going into it we were a little nervous just because we were not sure what to expect, and we had no idea if what we had done to our camper was going to be anything compared to those who were more experienced. But once we got there and started looking around and talking with everyone we realized there is no one way to renovate a camper. Some were rebuilt from the frame up, inside and out; and some were kept original and untouched. Some were frilly, some were masculine. But no matter what, they were each unique and matched the personalities of their owners.

Dodge Travco. The same Motorhome that Johnny Cash traveled in!


1978 Rancho El Rae


1967 Lo Liner and 1965 Chevrolet C20 Pickup Truck. This pair was the belle of the ball!


Terry (can’t remember the year, but this one was adorable with the mini cabover)


1969 Santa Fe


Airstream Silver Streak


Cardinal 10 footer! This thing was tiny, but roomy and oh so cute!


Our twinner! Well, almost. This was a 1965 DeVille. But same color (which was this ones original color, so we were not too far off of authenticity when we chose what we did!), but in a little better condition. I mean look at that baby shine!


Fireball. This one was one of my favorites! It was so nicely done, with a touch of new but mostly original.

We even met the man who originally sold our Tilly back in 1968! We have the original brochures and on them is his dealerships stamp. His son and grandson brought him to the rally in hopes to find some of the campers that maybe came off his lot.What are the odds?! He pointed out to us all of the details that were original and somethings that were added afterwards. He also mentioned that our trailer would have sold for somewhere around $1,599 or $1,699, which was a lot of money back in the day!


I’m even going to forgive him for wearing a BYU hat in the photo… I mean he is 84. He deserves the right to wear whatever he wants!

We were thrilled with how many people came to see all the campers! And we hope to attend more rally’s in the future. If you were there and toured our Tilly we would love for you to leave a comment below and follow us!

Here are some more of our fun pictures of our Tilly all dolled up from our Journey!




The kids love spending time snuggling on the bunk!





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