Easy and Inexpensive Countertops

I think most can agree with me that whenever faced with a project there are two paths to choose from to get it done. Path #1 Money. Path #2 Time. Well if you ask Brett, he would add a third path to MY methods of getting things done… Experiment.

As I starred in disgust at the horribly green and faded, stained, and did I mention puke green countertops?! I wanted to cry because I really had no idea what I could do (that wouldn’t rob my wallet) besides replacing the laminate or purchasing an expensive countertop painting kit. So I did some searching and thought I would take a chance and combine a couple methods to create my own. And a year later, they are as perfect as the day I finished them!


Don’t get me wrong, Original is always great and sometimes best, but in the case of Tilly if the walls were getting fresh updates, then everything needed fresh updates.

Brett removed all the counter tops and the table so that I could prep them for paint. I first cleaned them really well with lysol wipes to get the decades of dirt and grime off to get a smooth clean surface.


Then I taped off the metal trim using scotch blue painters tape. I don’t know what I would do without this stuff!

I started with a base coat of gray to hide any of the green that might want to play peek-a-boo. I gave each piece 2 good coats and let them dry overnight.


I used Rustoleum’s Satin Graphite Spray Paint found here. This paint went on seamless and I debated just leaving it at that because I loved the smooth color. But you know when you have a craving for an Oreo , but you just can’t stop at one, and the next thing you know all 3 rows are gone. No?! Just Me?!

Never mind my overeating sweet tooth.

I found this Krylon stone textured paint and I really liked the speckled pattern. I figured I had nothing to loose by giving this a try, I could always peel up the laminate from the wood and start new if the spray paint method for countertops backfired. The thing I was concerned about was wether spray paint was durable enough for countertops and camping.


I gave each countertop about 3 coats of the Krylon stone paint, sanding lightly in-between coats to lesson the actual rough texture but still maintaining the look of the stone. In order to resolve my concerns of durability, I applied 3 coats of Minwax Polyurethane to create a water resistant and hardshell barrier. I lightly sanded between these coats as well to prevent and remove any bubbles.


Not only do I love how it turned out but I am really surprised with how well it is holding up. I have dropped canned food, used a knife, and left a soaking rag for 2 days on the countertop and not a smidgen of damage! The only thing that I have not accidentally tested was a hot pan, I might be blonde but I ain’t dumb! hehe




Let us know what you think or if you have a secret to redoing countertops. We would love to see what you have to say!


Stay tuned to find out the secret behind our back splash by following us below…


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