The 1hr backsplash

In the last post I mentioned my 3 methods of going about a project. While the countertops turned out surprisingly amazing for an experiment. I knew that a backsplash was going to be a little harder to achieve.

I had searched for ideas that would be inexpensive, durable and that wouldn’t take a lot of time. But each idea I came across posed a little problem.

I loved the look of wallpaper, but it wouldn’t work because it’s too close to the stove and the heat of it may ruin the wallpapers adhesive. Tiles would add more weight to the trailer and we wanted to keep it light, and the time it would take in grouting tile was more than what our goal of finishing the camper would allow.

I really wanted to use those faux metal tiles that you can find here at Home Depot. But I didn’t feel like they flowed with my decor. So maybe another little vintage camper down the road will get the pleasure of them. So I kept up my search when I stumbled upon these…


$24.99 on Amazon


Crystiles® Peel and Stick Self-Adhesive Vinyl Wall Tiles, Hexagon White

It was love at first sight! As soon as I laid my eyes on them, I wanted it! And with Amazon’s Buy Now button… It was hard not to resist. So I held myself back and researched them a little more. Looking at reviews and life quality, and they fit all of the requirements “the tiles are resistant to the heat of stovetops and the humidity of bathrooms (do not use in shower)…” 

Though you can buy these on amazon, and I am sure they would have been just as great, I decided to go with these ones from Home Depot.

$44.97 at The Home Depot

Peel and Stick Mosaic Decorative Tile Backsplash Hexagon in White

Despite these ones being significantly more expensive; I loved the gel coating, which made them look a little more realistic, because it gave them more of a dimension.

So I measured the area in the kitchen of Tilly that I wanted covered.  And determined that I was going to need 2 packages of the peel and stick tiles that came in packs of 6. I only needed 7 or 8 of the tiles. I could have easily changed my surface area to save money;


but I wanted to go a little higher up the wall so that the backsplash made more of a statement. It turned out that having all the extra tiles made it so that I could make a mistake with the first tile I tried to install, not saying that happened or anything (shhh).

I prepped my surface by wiping them down with lysol wipes (because of the alcohol) and making sure all debris was gone. I peeled back only a small part of the protective backing to align the tile straight and make sure that my placement was right. Once I would get it where I wanted it I would slowly peel the backing and rub it on as I went. This prevented air bubbles and wrinkles from getting under the tiles. And if I did need to reposition , it was ok, I could just peel it off and try it again.


And thanks to my loving and confidence building husband this is the only photo that was taken of the process. I think I will now put down my Dr. Pepper and my homemade mac n cheese and go do some squats and lunges….

Let’s hope that image is not burned into your mind forever.


Anyways, here is a close up of the finished product. In just a little over an hour, the kitchen was dramatically transformed. No grout needed, no special tools required (except an xacto knife), and no mess!

I used the original metal trim to finish the edges and I just love how they turned out! This is easily one of the features of our 1968 Deville Camper that gets the most compliments and questions of “Oh my, where did you get those?”

A year later, they are still looking fabulous! They withstand the heat of the summer, the cold of the winter, water and humidity; with no yellowing or discoloring.

So yes I did end up spending more than I originally hoped for, but I don’t regret it one tiny bit. Totally worth it for this project!


The only flaw in these adorable peel and stick tiles is that if you look really closely, you can see some of the seems. But I think that is more of operator error than the product itself. I didn’t get into a seamless method until I already had a few tiles up, then I realized I needed to go in a little tighter on the grouts seems. The lighting in this photo definitely accentuates the lines, but in person you can’t tell as much.







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