Best of camping…so far

Hey everybody this is Brett and I told Tiara I never wanted to write but she always gets me to do something new…eventually!

We have loved The Journey of restoring our first Glamper “Tilly”, but have loved even more actually getting out and using her! Here are a few of our favorite Glampouts…so far!

Miller Flat Campground– 39°34’36.9″N 111°14’40.7″W

This was our trial run for Tilly, we wanted to make sure there were no big surprises before we took our big trip the following month. Everything was perfect and we had a great time in our little Tilly Glamper!

And of course I had to pull out the famous lariat (the one I used to rope Tiara with many years ago to get her to notice me) to chase the kids around the campsite.

Yellowstone– 44°38’41.8″N 110°52’01.9″W

The time for the big trip had arrived. We were going to pull our little vintage trailer all the way to Yellowstone. 451 miles up through Idaho Falls and 501 miles back through Jackson Hole. 952 miles of trouble free pulling our awesome little Glamper!

We stopped at Buckaroo Bill’s BBQ Grill in West Yellowstone. Cute little place where you can sit in covered wagons and they have it staged with an outdoor scenery. Yummy burgers with a little branding iron on your bun.

Our campsite in Yellowstone was awesome, we stayed at Madison Junction campground that is just inside of the national park west entrance! So pretty! And so much wildlife!


Tiara even got to witness tourists getting stupidly close to Buffalo(bison)!

It’s rutting season in late September so the whole time we were there we could hear the elk bugling.

We also were pretty sure we met a famous country star. Our little girl Azure started playing with another little kid from the neighboring campsite and then the family came over and invited us to sit around their campfire for some guitar playing that evening. We did and we were flabbergasted when this guy started belting out these amazing songs. It was dark, but pretty sure it was Eric Church or Luke Bryan or Keith Urban or someone big…other than if it would have been Luke Bryan, Tiara would have abandoned us and left with him for the rest of the trip!

Our little Tilly looked so awesome in Yellowstone. It always turns heads!

The time of year we went most of the facilities that had showers were closed for the year; and since we were camping for 8 days, and kids do not stay clean… we had to get a little creative on giving the kids baths!

We warmed water on the stove and used a cooler for a bathtub!



Our Granny gave the kids an awesome camping chair when Little man was born, and man it makes camping with a baby soooo much easier.

It’s a camping high Chair!!! You can find them here.



Teton(Shadow Mountain)- 43°41’51.0″N 110°35’31.4″W

I can’t even believe I am revealing where this campsite is. It’s a gem amongst the Tetons, and is my favorite camping spot! It is directly across from the Tetons near Jackson, WY. We stopped here on our way home from Yellowstone. I discovered this gem when I worked a summer job in Jackson Hole while in college. But of course, I didn’t quite remember the road to get up there and my trusty Google maps lady kind of lead me astray. The road coming from the north was not the way to get to it. Go in from the south! After my bumpy shortcut turned into an hour and half extra long shortcut we finally made it to our camping spot for the night!


We did have to sneak away and of course visit the Bar J Wranglers for a show while we were close to Jackson.

Zions-37°11’49.8″N 112°59’20.4″W

Have you ever been to Disney’s California Adventure and rode the Cars ride!? I am pretty sure they made that ride based off of the canyon drive going down into Zions National Park. It was awesome and our little Vintage camper was able to go though all the Tunnels without any restrictions!

We thought it would be way easy to get a campsite going on a Wednesday by just showing up…Oh boy were we wrong. We stopped at every campsite even if it said it was full and asked if there were any cancelations. Luckily the Watchman Campground had someone that left a day early so we were able to take their spot! We were able to do some awesome hiking and exploring in the area.

Bryce Canyon-37°44’35.9″N 112°18’48.1″W

Our last camping trip for this post; but just the start of so many more we have and will go on with our Tilly.

This trip we visited Bryce Canyon and stayed at Red Rock Campground a few miles west of Bryce canyon. This was another location that I worked at for a summer job during college. I was so excited to go back and see it and wow the little city had changed so much. But Bryce Canyon was still amazing and the rumor of casting a spell on you is true!


If you’re Lucky enough to be in the mountains you are Lucky enough!

On our way home we stopped in Fruita near Capital Reef National park and picked our own apricots at an open orchard.

The view above was amazing! 😉

Happy Camping!


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