Real Life: How Our Tables Turned Like a Tornado

We know you haven’t heard from us in a little while… ok I’ll be honest…. FOREVER! But we are hoping that after reading this post that you will understand and you will forgive us. You see the last few months have been nothing short of a ride on the craziest roller coaster while on the back of an angry bucking bull with your eyes closed and only one hand to hold on with!

Our life the last few years have been really great and pretty smooth. We loved our neighborhood, we loved our jobs, we loved our life. But something kept telling us that it wasn’t right, at least not for long term.

We were currently wanting to buy the house we were living in, and we were super excited about our summer of renovating Blanche and taking endless amounts of trips in Tilly. Then June came like a lightening bolt. Brett’s work was relocating us to a new base and we had a week to decide between 6 not so great locations.

A few weeks before this happened; when there was only rumors of life possibly changing, I told Brett that if we were being relocated then I was done trying to dig roots and I was done moving. I wanted to live the gypsy nomad lifestyle in an RV and travel!!

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 10.44.31 AM

The news came and we were moving to WhiteRiver, Az… I was what you would call a brat and was not excited what so ever! I was mad, infact. That seemed to me to be the armpit of armpits. But as you guessed it! We bought a Fifth Wheel! I wanted to be as mobile as possible incase another better location came along so we were not stuck in a lease or with Azure in school. So we sold all of our ‘replaceable’ stuff and got rid of all the stuff that we have been dragging across the country with us for the last 9 years.

Oh and did I mention that the day before we were going to pick up the fifth wheel we found out Hooligan #3 will be joining our family February 2018!! Surprise to us!


Oh and did I also mention that a week later we got news that we were no longer being transferred to Arizona? We were now being transferred to Payson, Utah… an hour away from where we were currently living?… Ya this is where the angry bull riding roller coaster comes in.

But we were excited for our adventure regardless of all the ups and downs.

This was us on the 2nd most expensive day of our lives… We sold our truck, bought a new truck and bought the fifth wheel all on the same day!

With Brett’s schedule allowing us to have 7 days off every other week we are blessed to go travel on those days off! And be stationary on his 7 days on while being closer to family!

We have now been living in our RV for over a month and we are LOVING IT! Though I wish we could say we will be living in Tilly full-time, I just didn’t see how that would be possible with a baby on the way.

But I am currently basking in the morning sun in Lander, Wy watching my kids paint rocks having no concept or care of time; and I couldn’t be more at peace.


This is our first venture of our travels and in the morning we head north through Wyomings Wind River country and up for a quick visit to Jackson Hole then on to visit our awesome friends in Idaho Falls to witness the once in a life time Totality of the Solar Eclipse.

With all this change came some unfortunate changes with our vintage journey. Yes we still have Tilly and we will still be taking her on adventures; we did however have to sell our cute little Blanche 😦


But luckily our good friends the Terry’s will be taking good care of her for us and finishing her makeover. I cried as Brett drove her away, but y’all will still get to enjoy the renovation with us as we will still blog about her transformations; and though our new “home” isn’t vintage we still plan on giving her a facelift on the inside to bring some style to her beige world.

So we hope y’all will hang in there with us on our Journey of Full-time RV life and all the bliss, headaches and adventures it will bring!


One thought on “Real Life: How Our Tables Turned Like a Tornado

  1. I miss you and Blanche is in good hands. Once life slows down and it stops raining every other day we will get her going.


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