Our Story


We are the unpredictable, crazy, spontaneous, dream seeking duo with our two adorable whippersnappers.

A few years back we were struck by the vintage trailer lightning bolt and we couldn’t resist. We finally had the opportunity to put our energy and excitement to good use and in 2015 we bought our fist Vintage Travel Trailer or VTT as you may hear us say. We spent a little over 6 weeks of sun-up to sun-down non-stop work renovating, replacing, repairing and revamping our baby; and that’s all it took for us to be addicted!

While I bring the style and flair… Brett is the brains and muscle behind the operation. And together we work hard to give life to these forgotten beauties! This is no hobby for us, this is a way of life.

Here we hope to bring those that love vintage trailers together and to inspire you with insight and guidance for your next Vintage Journey.